Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Messy Studio

I'd say don't look at my mess, but I am showing you. This is one place in my home that is all mine and all my mess, and I am okay with it. I had plans to be in a messy blog hop party, but I guess I didn't share my blog link properly :( Oh well I will show my creative disgrace anyway. It's my creative mess confession I guess haha. I get so caught up in moving from one part of my studio to another I hate to clean. I do admit it gets to me on occasion. I do however sometimes break down after spending more time looking for a random item than I should, scissors seem to be a big culprit to that trigger or looking for that special bead I just can move on till I find it. So I will give you a little tour of my mess I have many more mess stations, but I'd rather be creating than blogging my mess too.

This little table is a take off from my wire table- beading and charming going on here. The treasures I unearth every so often on this table are delightful. I think it's time to clean it. 50 pair of earrings were made in 24 hours. Yep it's time.

This is my glass table, believe it or not this is after a quick cleaning. There is a great deal of organizing above this mess I should show. little bins of glass all sorted :)

This might be the most clear space I have -only to avoid fires, I have another kiln on the other side of the room it is my oldest kiln, and is semi retired.

This pile-o-glassyness  is my cab sorting area my grinder is to the left I glue and pair earrings up here too. To be honest I think my cat helps me torture this area.

I may show some much needed Studio cleaning photos next week or so. Before and after? That will be a lot of work but I will try. I hope you all still love me? OH Next time I will make sure I check on my blog hop link so I am not sad when I am not included :( Oh well.


Wendy Seversen, Big Field Glass said...

At least it looks like your mess is kind of confined to your studio! Mine drifts throughout the house... Just think of how satisfied you'll be when you can post pictures of the neat and organized studio. But it won't last--Creation is messy.

Shoozles said...

Wendy, love that Landscape west piece very nice. Enjoyed your blog. you are right about my mess. I clean only to mess it up again. haha.

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Murat said...

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