Monday, April 16, 2012

Handmade Headpins

A few weeks ago I made a stringy glass panel that looked like grape vines, with no grapes to be found. I thought about grapes and how to make them with glass, and then I kinda gave up. The thought of making little glass grapes made my mind hurt. Not to mention when I painted them they seemed like cartoon grapes, Bugs Bunny would have been pleased. After I exhausted my grape ideas, I almost didn't care about it any more. So of course then came this idea. Doesn't it seem when we stop trying so hard it happens? From my stash of paper and stamp goods I found glass beads. I mean the tiniest of beads, minus the holes. There was the greatest purple grapes to be made...Now how to make them grapes right? SO simple so perfect, begging to be grapes.

Headpin, glue and microscopic beads, and grapes appeared with lots of patience. Of course I didn't stop there.

Rock candy anyone? Maybe for Barbi haha. I will admit there is more work to these than there looks for a headpin but it is quite a unique look.

I hope to make something cool with these soon. This past week My kids and all their friends have been on Spring Break invading my space, not my studio space, but my mindful space ;) So I'm back to work this week-- Thanks goodness. Talk to ya soon.