Thursday, March 20, 2014

This is my job, not my hobby!

My customers and fans treat me like I am a real business and have a great deal of respect for what I make and what I do. Bless you for that. Because this is my job, it is my full time JOB. Just because I love it and do this from my home, does not take from the value that I feed my kids and pay bills with my art. When I say full time job, I am sure some people imagine 8 hours a day with me creating at my beloved glass table. Trust me there is way more to it than the creative part, and way more than 8 hours. The part I am not so fond of is selling, organizing, ordering, billing, packaging, emailing, shipping and  That is how it pay bills. That is the business part and is most of my day. What good would creating be without selling it? I do that for my family. I am not easily offended, nor do I get upset about much of what is said to me. Mostly, I let ignorance be just what it is. So I felt I should enlighten the dark mind I guess. Over the years, things have been said to me, that would not be said to a woman that gets in her car, goes to a building to do her job, for someone else to give her a pay check. I won't lie, it hurts my heart to be treated like I should be doing something else or more. As if I could. Maybe that is the true hurt. I don't have many other skills. That may explain my half hearted smile at some comments.

It takes me a good week to finish 80 pieces ready for sale

Most of you would never say this to another person, but there are some that have or you know someone that has. The artist(home base seller) cringes at some phrases, so choose words wisely when speaking to a person that works from home no matter what it is. #1 don't ask if they are "still doing that jewelry thing, that ebay selling thing or soap thing" as if it was some whim they needed to get out of their system. I don't ask people if they are still doing that engineering thing or teaching thing?  #2 don't assume because I love my job I am playing all day, if you would like a job where you feel like you are playing(enjoying) then maybe you should change your perspective. #3Don't assume I have all the time in the world because I am home, working I might add #4 My Art is my work. It's not a hobby, it might be a hobby done in time of leisure for some, but it's my job, it doesn't mean I have too much time on my hands.  It means I am dedicated, educated and I take what I do serious. Same as people with those "REAL" jobs. With all this said, It took a long time to train my family to treat what I do with respect.  This is not meant to make anyone feel bad for having said it, I just wanted to shed a little light on this side of the conversation. :)

Hobby defined: an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.
Job Defined: a paid position of regular employment.

Jobby Defined: Since I combine both I made my own word- A regular paid activity done in pleasure.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Purge and Create

After a whirlwind of creating from October to December, one thing must be done. I must purge my creative space of all the things that were left in the path of creativity. Most of the time that means cleaning my studio, but this time it means, the pile of goodies I made, but have not used probably needs to find a home so it will not pile up, not to mention, of course not block future creative ideas. One can tend to fall into old patterns of creating when older ideas are laying about. Join me on my Facebook Fan Page Jan 15th 7pm Central, for a "Single Jingle" sale Album Lets clear the studio for new goodies!

New glass for new ideas and new charms are on their way

This was an especially crazy season for me. After a long bout with some chronic pain, some explained and some not. Last Summer I consulted with a specialist, that agreed, the girl stuff needed to come out and I'd feel much better. So when could WE do this? Hummm.... After my last Art/craft show shortly before Christmas. WHAT! Crazy! And I did. It made for a hectic December and a somewhat off beat Christmas for my family, but I can't tell you how much better I already feel. I want to thank My mom and husband for taking good care of me. I am not so fond of being the patient I am usually the nurse. And I would also like to thank all my customers for their patience, along with all the well wishes. I am looking for a much nicer 2014 and I may get to embrace a life with a little less pain. THAT I am so Thankful for!

Hello 2014, let's do this!

Monday, September 9, 2013

What I learned this weekend

I felt like it was a Shoozles Slumber Party!

I had a great opportunity this weekend to spend time with a group Friends, new ones and good ones I have had for quite sometime. I say opportunity, because I feel fortunate to have been invited to be with 11 ladies for 48 hours just being ourselves and giggling and enjoying each others company. Decompressing as moms need to do.  I will tell you about how I am as a socializer. It's hard for me. No kidding! Oh I know, I know, people who have seen me in action probably think this is pure hogwash. But it's not. Social anxiety is something I work though each time I do an event, or even go out to have fun with people I know. It's the getting there that is hard for me. I seem fine once I get there, but always worry I won't fit in or I will say the wrong thing. It has taken a long time for me to be just okay in large groups. The judgement I pass on myself through others eyes is so harsh. Some people know this about me, now all of you know ;)

What I learned this weekend is everyone needs this kind of group friend interaction, this communing with friends. There is something magical about sharing time with friends and making new ones, we learn something new about ourselves through others even if we don't recognize it right away. I won't lie, I have a very small world that I keep very tightly closed. Just me and my husband and kids, we work and have family meals and we keep to ourselves. As I watched my beautiful, inspiring friends, I thought there is something about each of them I wish I were like, Some are strong, some are so giving, some are so funny and out going, I just soaked up that part of them. I also thought I am pretty sure they could run the country.

The other thing I saw was the great support system they are to each other. I miss out on a lot of this probably out of fear or just lack of how to help when needed. I am working on this. We never stop growing do we? :)

I want to thank them for showing this to me. Thank you beautiful friends.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What I say to myself, out loud, every day!

I love the quiet, pure and simple. Ideas flood in when my mind is still yet focused. I often ask where the ideas come from, but that is a whole other blog post haha.

In the quiet of my studio, I realized, I say 3 things every day, to myself, and I say them out loud.

#1 "I love my job"- with a big grin on my face
#2 "I can do this!" To An idea I have.
#3 "What is next?" Like give me the next idea!

I don't say them in rote or make it my intent to say these things, BUT,  I do say them with purpose and at random all throughout my day.

I am not sure why I say these things, or if it helps me in some way. I guess it's my own words of encouragement to myself. I am thankful for each idea and that I can work from home. I think that is why I love my job so much. And I am amazed when I can think an idea through to finish. I get so excited and anxious for what I can do next, ideas are gifts to me.

I hope whatever you are doing as a job, you love it and are speaking encouraging words and phrases without prompting. At least find a little way to love what you do.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Pros might also be the Cons

October will mark my 14th year as a glass artist, at which point, I also began my business journey. Over the years I have learned to work from home. That's right, "learned". Mixing the home with Business for me has been a blessing that comes at some costs. I first must mention, I treat this as my job, I feed my family with the money I make so I take my business very serious, it's not some hobby, Mad money or Vacation stash(although I wish it was). This past week as I talked with a few friends about being stay at home mom's. I remembered I have 2 jobs I take very serious. Motherhood and my glass business! My Family is why I work from home and so began the pros and con game in my head.

I work in my Pjs Often! I love that no fuss morning.
I have found I am in the habit of not dressing up, and being good to myself like I should.

I work in my home, no commute, My rules, my time frame. I'm the boss.
I work at home, sometimes I rarely go anywhere, kinda cuts me off from the world. And since I am the boss I have only myself to blame. haha!

I work alone- I love the quiet to create
I work alone- it just me doing all these things and it can be overwhelming

My customers are and become my friends! I love my people. I have met the best people in my business. I love you all.
It hard to be firm with friends when they are slow to pay or forget this is how I feed my family.

I am not a retail store, this means everything is original and handmade.
I am sometimes treated like a chain store, with demands, people forget I am the sole maker, organizer, marketer and shipper.

I love my job. I love being creative.
I have no other choice, and no other skills- so thankful I love it, otherwise this would be a depressing realization. Sometime stress blocks creativity- OH MY.

My family has me home for them, we eat supper every night as a family
My family forgets I am working because I am home.

I get to sell what I make and have pride in that.
Sometimes I don't sell what I make and it hurts my self esteem and fear sets in. I am fragile like that HA!

With all the pros kinda being cons, one might wonder why I do this? It would be the weight of the pro over the con The value of each PRO outweigh the CON dramatically for me.

I wrote this for people thinking of working from home. There is not a buncha of money in handmade sales and the hours are way beyond 9 to 5 but if you love what you do. Do it!

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Business of Staying positive during a negative cycle

I am sitting here drinking my morning coffee, I am thinking how happy and lucky I really am.

Earlier this month a string of negative events happened, I'd like to say I am good at hiding it and no one was the wiser, but I am not that good at hiding much of anything. I am a "what you see is what you get" sorta person, no hidden agenda, not good at fibbing (like I would?) So now that you know that you'll know that when things are falling apart it's kinda hard for me to hide it. It's never for any sympathy, I just feel that every person has some sorta something going on, and compassion from others is the key to being able to move on quickly and recover. That is what humans do for each other.

Now as a business person this is a hard act to juggle. Caught in a conundrum of- do I say something and look like I can't handle my business and home? Do I say something and look like a whiner or complainer of sorts? Or do I share my disruption with the people that I have come to trust, business or not, I am kind to all my customers when they have the same such life events?

So I'll just say it. I had a rough month, no one died, nor is it terminal, but my daily routine hit some pot holes and some of my plans and routines were put to a halt and I may or may not have felt sorry for my self for a minute or two.

So the positive part of all of this is, I am okay, I am able to recover from the events that happened, and I am thankful for that and for everyone that has been patient with me while I caught up.

Special note to my Jewelry Fans and Customers
I am thankful for all of you that have bought my Shoozles, without you I would not been able to pay for the huge plumbing issues that happend in my home. The money I saved from my Jewelry sales paid for it. Now it means I don't get to go on a mini vacation with my kids this Summer BUT I had  the funds to fix this "pot hole" :). Much love.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Glass arrives at the Shoozles Studio

The Newest Glass is here. It's like a glassy wave here. I unloaded it outside so the color would show up nicely. Obviously since this is new glass, nothing will be made with in the Album Party for this Thursday 7pm central-- BUT you are sure to see new wavy goodness next time.

I love glass

I can not wait to use the blue and green mix

This top one is the reason I had to have this glass

My long time glass friend Dee- from Willow Glass is responsible for this glass shipment, She was doing show and tell and on her page and I could not resist the color mixes of these. Some times glass comes with it own artful beginning, beautiful right out of the gate and that would be this glass, system 96 baroque is art on it own. It will be hard for me to alter it as if I need to.

Look for new glassy goodness at Shoozles Fused Glass on facebbook and see if you can find where I have used these beauties.